Are you or is anyone you know currently suffering from a debilitating health condition (such as cancer) or any other kind of physical disability that makes cleaning the house an impossible task – someone who really NEEDS a hand with this simple chore?

These individuals are perfect candidates for our “Giving Back” program. The selected candidate(s) will receive a FREE monthly 4hour timed cleaning service. This is going to be our way of giving back to the COMMUNITY in small ways that make a BIG difference in someone’s life.

Please Contact Us

…and we will be in touch with you, or the individual you would like to sponsor for this program – just leave a detailed description of the current health issue(s), standard of living, and any other information that helps describe exactly WHY you or this individual should be selected for this awesome program. Also include some contact information and we will be sure to reach out to each successful candidate during the last week of every month to arrange for the details of their FREE house cleaning…YAY!!! =D