Bringing commercial cleaning standards and materials to the residential setting, our amazing team will leave your home Crystal Clean each and every time – guaranteed!

* Regular or One-time service
* Move in & out deep cleans
* Post-construction clean-up
* Carpet & Upholstery cleaning
* Office/Commercial cleaning

House Cleaning Checklist

What’s included in our “Standard” or “Regular” service:

  • Changing all garbage bags and polishing exteriors of garbage pail(s)
  • Making the beds (as requested per customer)
  • Dusting all high and low areas of each room (using our extendible lambswool duster and a damp yellow microfiber cloth for general dusting and blue microfiber cloth for glass and mirrors)


  • Scrubbing, washing, and polishing all showers, faucets, tubs, tiles, sinks, and toilets
  • Dusting and polishing all countertops, vanities, cabinets, shelves, mirrors, and light fixtures
  • Dusting all window sills and baseboards
  • Vacuuming all the floor mats, hard floor, and corners/crevices
  • Mopping the floor edges, corners, and toilet base by hand, then using our yellow Rubbermaid Hygen Pulse mop to wash the remaining area


  • Scrubbing, degreasing, and polishing all exteriors of the appliances, range fans and fan filters, cabinets, countertops, and sink(s)
  • Dusting all window sills, light fixtures, fans, tables and chairs
  • Vacuuming entire kitchen floor, including under all ledges, chairs/stools, tables, as well as all corners and crevices
  • Mopping all corners and removing sticky/tough spots by hand, followed by a general mop of the remaining kitchen floor

Add-on Services/Extra’s (only upon request and will be specified in booking notes)¹:

  • Interiors of appliances (ex. fridge & freezer, stove, microwave, toaster oven, etc.)
  • Inside windows, screens, and/or tracks
  • Insides of cabinets (except for move-in/out cleaning)
  • Blinds
  • Wall washing
  • Dishwashing
  • Laundry (washing, drying, folding, and/or ironing)
  • Carpet & upholstery shampoo/stain removal
  • Organic matter cleaning (ex. mold, bird or insect nest removal, human or aninal matter clean-up, etc.)
  • Exterior area cleaning (ex. balcony/deck, garage, and/or front/main entrance, etc.)
  • Post-Construction cleaning

¹ Additional charges will apply depending on total number and type of add-on service(s) required.