All clients who for whatever reason were not happy with their first appointment, and have notified us of this within 48hrs after their initial cleaning, will receive a FREE re-clean of the area(s) needing attention. If the customer is still not happy with the re-clean, they will receive 100% of their money back – no questions asked!

48-Hour Cancellation Notice

Any service cancellation requests must be given with at least 48hrs notice prior to the scheduled cleaning appointment. Clients cancelling an appointment with less than 48hrs notice will be subject to a late cancellation fee equal to the total quoted amount for the cleaning. This fee also applies to lockouts – in the event where entry is not possible, we will wait for 15mins upon arrival and leave a voice message with our arrival time, and take a picture of the exterior of the property, however, will leave the site if entry is not granted within this 15 minute time frame.

Replacement of Broken/Damaged Content

Despite the fact that all team members are thoroughly trained, and highly competent in their work, accidents may still happen from time to time. On those rare occasions that they do, rest be assured that we will promptly replace in full the total retail cost of any damaged good(s). We are human, and don’t pretend to be perfect, although we love seeing our client’s homes perfectly clean!


Every client is equally as important to us as the other, and deserves to be served with the same integrity and respect. For this reason, we guarantee that all quotation requests for ANY of our provided services will be taken care of within a reasonable and set time frame of no more than 48hrs after the initial request has been made (either by phone or e-mail). All clients who for any reason have to wait longer than 48hrs to receive their FREE quote, will also receive a $25 gift certificate off their next cleaning.